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Slip and Fall at a Bar: CGL or Liquor Liability?

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Q: "A patron in a bar room falls and injures her foot. The bar owner claims she was intoxicated; the patron claims the floor was wet.
The bar owner does not have a separate liquor liability policy in place. Should the CGL policy at least step in to defend the insured? Shouldn’t medical payments apply?"

A: “The bar owner appears to have made at least two critical mistakes:  Read More...

2014's Most Dangerous Toys

Monday, December 08, 2014

There’s almost nothing more thrilling than watching a child excitedly unwrap his or her gifts on Christmas morning. Giddy with the magic of the holiday season, they race downstairs early in the morning to find that Santa Claus has paid them a visit, and hopefully, those items at the top of their Christmas list will be under the tree.

And while parents may strive to find their children the perfect gift for the holidays, some toys present potential hazards. Although federal regulations and recalls are in place, toys still make it to store shelves across the country that are unsafe for children.  Read More...

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